The Indispensable Solution by Fininfo Solutions to Master the Art of Managing IRL

Welcome to the world of optimized IRL management with Custody, a key component of the Fininfo Solutions suite.
Carefully and precisely designed to satisfy all challenges of IRL’s complicated management, Custody is not just a securities tracking platform. This is an end-to-end solution that ensures handling your performance up to its fullest, from order execution to settlement meticulously following every event in the life of the security.


FININFO Custody Suite propose une approche de conservation par

Client Type

  • Institutional Client
    • Portfolio
    • Funds
      • Conventional
        • -UCIT'S
      • Alternative
        • -Real Estate
        • -Mutual Fund
        • -Hedge Fund
        • securization trust
  • Individual Client

Asset Type

  • Fixe Income
  • Variable Income
  • Units
  • Derivatives
  • Non securities Assets
  • Commodities

Place Of Safekeeping

  • Place Of Safekeeping
  • Central Depository
  • Custodian
  • Manager
  • Issuer